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Skill Sets are clustered units of competency that have been packaged together to address a defined industry need or specific licensing/regulatory requirement. Skill sets are not qualifications.

Our Skill Set RPL/Assessment Kits include the following tools:


  1. Assessment-Student Version

  2. Assessment-Assessor Version (includes answers)

  3. Workplace Observation (recording tool)

  4. Marking Guide

  5. Competency Mapping



Assessor Tools:

  1. Instructions: An overview of the RPL process, a list of what is included in this kit and detailed instructions on how to use this kit

  2. Competency Mapping: A detailed map indicating where each component of competency is included in this kit

  3. Record of Evidence: A tool for recording each piece of evidence (documentation, questions, tasks, observations) to the unit of competency

  4. Competency Questions: Questions an assessor may ask a candidate in order to gather and document evidence of a candidate’s knowledge and experience relating to the unit of competency

  5. Workplace Tasks: Tasks an assessor may ask a candidate to complete in order to gather evidence of a candidate’s skills and experience relating to the unit of competency (use in conjunction with Workplace Observation)

  6. Workplace Observation: A tool used in conjunction with the Workplace Tasks to document evidence of a candidate’s skills through observation of the Workplace Tasks and other observations

  7. Record of Outcome: A document used to notify a candidate of their RPL outcome and any additional steps required to be awarded recognition of prior learning for the unit


Candidate Tools:

  1. Instructions: A detailed overview of the RPL process and what the candidate can expect

  2. Application: A basic form for gathering information about the candidate

  3. Unit Summary: A summary of the learning outcomes for the unit of competency

  4. Evidence Index: A tool for the candidate to index each piece of their evidence (trainings, workshops, CV, photos, presentations, reports, certificates, awards, etc.)

  5. Self-Evaluation: A Self-Evaluation of the candidate’s experience, skills and evidence that relate to the unit of competency

  6. Third Party Report: A tool that verifies the candidate’s competency in their job role relating to workplace expectations and performance criteria

All documents come in Word for easy customisation and contextualisation.

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