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Employability skills are the general workplace skills that employers look for beyond job-specific skills. These skills, along with job training, make those looking for a job more employable in a range of workplaces.


The modern workplace requires employees to have the right mix of knowledge, abilities and personal qualities in order to be successful. They need to be resourceful, adaptable and organised, as well as skilled in their specific job. Having these employability skills gives them a greater range of choices in the job market and opens up opportunities once they get there, regardless of their specific job, or the industry they work in.

Our soft skills kits are designed to integrate with and complement both the Employability Skills Kit and your existing workplace training. They assist in delivering time-efficient workplace training to support, measure and record both individual progress and team development.

Each kit can be used as stand-alone workplace training tools or combined to meet your individual organisational training needs.

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