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At Blueprint Project, we think all learners, trainers and assessors deserve quality assessment tools that accurately measure what they are supposed to...that's why we develop valid, relevant and easy-to-use tools that don't cost a fortune. 

Grounded in a deep understanding of VET and all its nuances, we closely watch how it evolves and changes. We strive to provide the most up-to-date material in a format that's easy to customise and easy to use.


We collaborate and consult with industry experts to ensure that we are developing relevant, flexible and valid assessment tools. Our attention to detail and commitment to collaboration translate into quality products. 


With over 14 years of Instructional Design experience - all of those years creating VET training and assessment tools, Kate Phillips manages Blueprint Project with a deft hand and an exquisite eye for detail.

During her own education, she used a ridiculous number of impractical and complicated resources. That's why her approach to learning and assessment is simple: keep the information clear, relevant and interesting.

Kate ensures all RPL and Assessment tools are designed with both the assessor and student in mind. She wants to make sure quality resources are within the reach of all training organisations, and all students.