Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips suffers no fools. Her hard-scrabble ethic might be owed to her hearty Aussie stock, or it might just be she knows how to get work done - and how to stand behind it. With over 10 years in instructional design, Kate pairs an economy of words and attention to detail with Master’s level pedagogical credentials, offering grammatically exquisite copy. Despite being a mother of two and dog owner, she’s successfully rebranding “Cat Lady” to her likeness.


what we do

We think all learners, trainers and assessors deserve quality assessment tools that accurately measure what they are supposed to...that's why we develop valid, relevant and easy-to-use tools that don't cost a fortune. We'll send you a free sample to prove it! 

Using our extensive experience working with industry leaders in Life | Business | Nutrition | Health | Holistic | Lifestyle Coaches and Consultants, we help your business thrive. We design, edit, format, create and revamp your work. From web content to training modules, to webinars. Working together, we refine ideas and concepts, enhance content and ensure it is polished and professional. Let us help so you can get back to the part that inspires you...working with clients!

how we do it

We are continually making our products more clear, relevant and interesting. Updating our assessments to meet the changing needs of the sector is part of our daily routine. Grounded in a deep understanding of VET and all it's nuances, we closely watch how it evolves and changes. And you know it constantly does. We make sure we are providing the most up-to-date material in the format you want. We listen to the market and our customers. Our team collaborates and consults with industry experts to ensure that we are developing relevant, flexible and valid assessments tools. Our attention to detail and commitment to collaboration translate into quality products. 

We work closely with you to make sure we are meeting your unique needs. We use our instructional design and writing expertise to help you organise and develop your material. We collaborate with all key players to ensure the process flows smoothly. Although the process is different for everyone, the basic work flow remains the same: plan, consult, organise, draft, review, revise, deliver.


Have questions? Feel free to get in touch.